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Plastic products use in robot area
Release date: 2018-10-22    Source: Qingdao Root Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd.    Browse: 3629

Robots has been popular on education area around the world,this video is finished robots which sent by our Europe customer,we ROOT supply the toy wheels from high precision mold and happy that we can do something for this,help our customer’s success is our success.

The robots new design is eye-catching, innovative and because they are produced with laser cutting and finely formed injection moulds, they look stunning! The clear acrylic showcases their inner workings and control modules, igniting that spark of curiosity. The T-Bot is built around a specially designed motherboard making assembly of the electronic components elegantly simple and satisfying. 

Our T-Bots are designed to inspire and introduce the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technologists to the world of robotics. One of the most exciting advances in robotics is dynamic stabilisation. This is fancy terminology for actively stabilising things that want to fall over.

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